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We’re a video production company specializing in engaging content for web, social, and beyond–helping brands, businesses, and individuals reach their marketing goals.

Who we are

With over 15 years experience in producing and editing projects for network television, corporate, and web, Dapper & Champ Creative carefully crafts videos to help individuals and businesses better communicate with their clients–and their communities.
Our work enhances your online presence and digital footprint by building brand awareness and trust, while engaging your audience. Our goal is simple: to create content that inspires action.
Whether it’s gaining new clients, getting others interested in your work, or motivating locals to check out your new space, we can help. Plus, as our name lends, we are CREATIVE.
Let’s work together.

Network Television

Professional Video Editing for Network TV

Based in the Greater Orlando area, Dapper & Champ Creative was founded in 2013 by trusted network television story producer and editor, Phil Perrault. His portfolio includes an expansive list of programming for all ages and interests. Whether it’s emmy-nominated series, reality television, exciting wildlife documentaries, or your favorite DIY home improvement shows, he has been well-regarded as a creative, reliable, instinct-driven story producer and editor who breathes life into raw video.

Our goal is simple: To create original content that inspires audiences to keep watching. 

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Corporate Storytelling

Full Service Video Production for Businesses

We help companies and organizations, large and small, for profit or nonprofit, better define their messaging through video. As a full-service production company, we’re able to film, edit, and then share fully-produced deliverables with our clients.

Whether it’s an explainer video detailing what you do, or that feel-good piece you’ve always wanted to share, we are your partners in storytelling. With us, you’ll be able to align more clients and supporters with your brand, while sharing important glimpses of your company’s culture.

Editing Services

Professional Video Editing & Post-Production Services

Our owner, Phil Perrault, is an experienced video editor with over 20,000 hours of editing work featured in network television, social media content, and marketing videos. In the spirit of collaboration, we offer editing services to take your previously filmed projects and bring them to life with dynamic editing, music selections, and the polishing we know–and do–so well.

Sports reels, virtual events, real estate, or even family video yearbooks? We are thrilled to partner with individuals and companies looking to improve their personal or brand story as that’s what we do best.

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Turning Ideas From Paper to Production

The Dapper & Champ Way